Every member is important to OTLA. That’s not just a statement. We understand that your individual membership needs to add value to your practice, your career and your business. Learning from the best lawyers in your field, finding tools quickly to put the best case forward, gaining recognition and advancement, and being more profitable are just some of the reasons you will want to be a member of OTLA.

Articling Student members have access to:

  • Searchable document databanks both within OTLA and across Canada and the USA through TrialSmith.
  • Professional publications such as our highly-regarded magazine The Litigator that provides you the latest in plaintiff case news, important court decisions and changes to legislation.
  • The very best quality in Continuing Legal Education available, focused exclusively for plaintiff lawyers and at reduced rates for articling students.
  • Networking opportunities in the plaintiff bar.


  • $75.00 + $9.75 HST = $84.75

Fees are paid on an annual basis covering the membership period February 1 to January 31 of the following year.


Articling Student members must certify that:

  • they work directly for and are supervised by an OTLA member in good standing
  • they only work for partners or employees of their firm who satisfy the OTLA membership criteria

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These are just a few of the many member services provided at OTLA. For more information, contact Janie Hames, Membership Services Coordinator, at or (905) 639-6852.