Call for Nominations


As Chair of the Nominations Committee, I am calling upon members of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association to consider putting your name forward as a potential candidate to serve on the OTLA Board of Directors.


OTLA has remained a growing and vital organization primarily due to our ability to attract new talent to our Board of Directors. We feel that it is important that our Board of Directors reflect the diversity of our membership, and that each geographical region of Ontario have representation.


The time commitment is for a three-year term with approximately eight Board meetings and a long range planning meeting in June. Board members can also expect to chair or participate in OTLA committees.


Your Board is actively involved in numerous matters including CLE, Access to Justice and the preparation and filing of submissions on behalf of the organization. The time commitment is serious and we need active members prepared to put in the necessary time and effort to advance OTLA's goals.


Click here for more information about the structure of OTLA.


Therefore, if you have ever considered putting your name forward as a candidate for the Board of Directors, please do so now. If you know of any other member whom you feel would make a valuable contribution to this Board, please encourage them to put their name forward. The deadline for receipt of the nomination form (which includes the signatures of two current OTLA members endorsing the candidate) must be received, along with a brief biography, on or before noon on Friday, February 20, 2015.


Charles Gluckstein

Immediate Past President