Community Partners

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) works with community partners across Ontario. Together, we participate in and support initiatives that work for access to justice for all Ontarians and a fair insurance system in the province.

FAIR: Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform

FAIR is a grassroots organization of accident victims in Ontario who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions and have struggled with the current auto insurance system in the province.

FAIR members' lives, as a result of these motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), have been turned upside-down by brain injury, loss of limbs, need for surgery and reparative therapy, long-term debilitating injuries, loss of time from work, loss of jobs and sometimes loss of independence.

FAIR wants to see reforms to auto insurance legislation that will improve the way all MVA victims are treated and cared for under provincial insurance legislation. Not only are FAIR members faced with the challenges of overcoming and adapting to injury, they are also faced with an insurance system that does not fairly provide needed rehabilitation coverage and benefits.

FAIR gives a voice to the thousands of people in Ontario who have become amongst the most vulnerable people in our province.

Read more about the work that FAIR is doing to improve the auto insurance system in Ontario:

FAIR in the media:

"Accident victims’ advocate: FAIR is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, including vehicle crash survivors" by Alan Shanoff, Toronto Sun, June 29, 2013