OTLA Section Nominations


Now Accepting Nominations for 2020-21 Section Leadership


Each section leadership team contributes to CLE programming, developing networking events, assisting in section publications, and building reference materials for section members.


If you have any questions regarding the election, contact Jeff Hanlan at jhanlan@otla.com

2019 Section Election Timeline


Nominations must be received before 12:00pm on April 7, 2020


*The Chair of this section is a non-voting member of our Board of Directors and is thereby expected to participate in all Board meetings.


According to OTLA By-Law 8.03 Qualifications, each Director shall:
Be a regular Member of the Corporation in good standing for at least the past 3 consecutive years;
be at least eighteen years of age; and
not be an undischarged bankrupt nor a mentally incompetent person.


Section Elections

Candidates will be asked to submit a bio and brief video outlining their interest in and involvement with OTLA, previous leadership experience, and why they should be elected. Candidates may submit a written outline in lieu of a video.

If there is only one eligible candidate for a section leadership role, they will be acclaimed to the position. If there are multiple candidates for a position, an election will be held. Members of that section will vote online to determine the section leaders.

This voting period will run from April 20 - 29, 2020. Candidate platforms will be posted to our website during this period to assist members in their choice of candidate. Section members receive one vote per section membership they hold.