Section Chairs 2015-2016

Medical Malpractice Section Chair: Jillian Evans

Long Term Disability Section Chair: Brad Moscato

New Lawyers Division Chair: Melissa Miller

Women Trial Lawyers Caucus Chair: Daniela Pacheco

Law Clerks Section Chair: Stacy Bailey



Specialized Sections

OTLA has litigation sections for Medical Malpractice and Long Term Disability (LTD). It also has a New Lawyers Division (NLD), a Women’s Caucus and a Law Clerks section. All of these groups have a separate listserve for networking and discussion, lunch meetings at major conferences, roundtables, and specialized continuing legal education (CLE) events.

Meet the section chairs

All law clerks, new lawyers (under 10 years in practice) and all women lawyers, are automatically members of their respective section and can sign up to participate on those listserves.

To become a member of a litigation section requires an additional yearly payment and certification of plaintiff work in these areas.

For more information on membership in these specialized sections, please contact OTLA.

Committees and Task Groups

Consider becoming involved in an ongoing or a time-limited activity that will contribute your viewpoint and knowledge to enrich OTLA and which will help you to understand how OTLA operates and what your volunteer commitment really means to strengthening this association.

In 2009, OTLA reorganized the governance of the organization to ensure accountability to members and action on all areas of OTLA’s Strategic Directions. There are seven major Committees of the Board, and numerous ongoing and ad hoc task groups related to each of the committees that undertake the work of OTLA each year. Each committee and task group is led by a Board member and most all of them (except for a few like the Executive Committee) are open to and welcome participation by regular OTLA members as well as Board members.

If you would like to get involved with any of these committees and task groups, please contact OTLA.