Bencher Elections


The Board of Directors has endorsed the following OTLA members in the 2019 Bencher Election:

Claire Wilkinson, Immediate Past President



Steve Rastin, Past President


Andrew Spurgeon, LSO Bencher, South Central


We encourage OTLA members to vote for all endorsed candidates so our voice is heard at LSO. 




Rising Auto Rates - No Transparency or Accountability

Globe & Mail, March 4, 2019

Are rising repair costs contributing to rising auto insurance rates? Or, are insurers just cherry picking convenient facts to justify increases? OTLA President-Elect Allen Wynperle says that “we don’t know because there’s not enough transparency to tell us one way or another.” FAIR Association chair Rhona DesRoches adds: “The industry is virtually unaccountable and all we ever hear is that they are losing money. It's just their word for it and no way for the public, or even the government, to actually confirm where the dollars are flowing to.” Click here for the full article.

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"Reasonable and Necessary" Treatment: What Does it Mean?

Your automobile insurer is supposed to pay for all "reasonable and necessary" non-OHIP-covered treatment (up to specific monetary limits). 

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