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A Call for Mentors

OTLA has created a mentorship program,
and we are looking for volunteers. 
If you are interested in becoming a mentor,
click the link below to fill out this form.  


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How did we get here?

Over decades of reforms, the one constant in Ontario auto insurance is that the interests of accident victims always take a back-seat to insurer profits.

Vocational Rehabilitation Strategy

When case strategy calls for Vocational Rehabilitation, expertise matters

At Rehab First, Vocation Rehabilitation is a series of specialized services, ranging from comprehensive Employability Assessments to expert FAEs conducted by certified professionals.

When it comes to litigation and evidence, the credentials of vocational experts count. In addition to having their CVRP, CDMP or RRP certification, all of our vocational rehabilitation specialists are members of at least one health discipline.

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Spring Conference
A Message from the Chair

2021 Live Virtual Spring Conference
Friday, May 14

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OTLA Blog 

Section 33 of the Schedule: When is the Production Request “Reasonably Required”

The “duty of an applicant to provide information” section of the Schedule (Section 33(1)1) is a highly effective tool utilized by insurance companies to both adjust their claims and to challenge an insured. An insured runs the risk of a suspension of their benefits if they fail to properly respond in a timely manner to a reasonable request for documents.

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