Awards & Honours

H. Bruce T. Hillyer Award

The H. Bruce T. Hillyer Award is awarded to an individual who exemplifies the spirit of OTLA in fearlessly advancing the cause of individual rights by the effective use of trial advocacy.

2018 recipient:

Nigel Gilby, Lerners LLP, London

Nigel Gilby - H Bruce T Hillyer Award

Past recipients have included:

Gary Will (1996), Richard Shekter (1998), Guy Bertrand (1998), Paul Mann (2000), Paul Jewell, Q.C. (2002), Kristopher Knutsen, Q.C. (2003), Alfred Kwinter (2004), Paul Mann (2005), Carl Fleck, Q.C. (2006), Lorenzo Girones, Q.C. (2007), Tim Boland (2008), Ches Crosbie, Q.C. (2009), Nancy Ralph (2010), Barb Legate (2012), Jerome Morse (2013), Ray Wagner, Q.C. (2014), Kevin Doan (2015), Jim Vigmond (2017).


John A. McLeish Award

The John A. McLeish Award shall be awarded to the person, association or group which has made an outstanding contribution to the goals of a fair trial and access to justice, as an advocate, in legal scholarship, continuing legal education, legal writing, journalism, politics or government. 

2018 recipient:

Loretta Merritt, Torkin Manes LLP, Toronto

Loretta Merritt - John A McLeish Award

Past recipients have included:

Martin Wunder, Q.C. (2000), Robert Munroe (2002), Roger Oatley (2003), Tom Connolly (2008), George Bonn (2009), Richard Halpern (2010), Steven Rastin (2016).


Dean Edgell Award

The Dean Edgell Award is awarded to a lawyer who has promoted the goals of OTLA through significant contribution and excellence in legal writing, continuing legal education, and leadership activities. 

2018 recipient:

Maria Damiano, Harte Law PC, Richmond Hill

Maria Damiano - Dean Edgell Award

Past recipients have included:

David Lackman (2008), Andrew Murray (2009), Martin Wunder, Q.C. (2010) Darcy Merkur (2011), Adam Little (2013), Richard Bogoroch (2015).


Martin Wunder, Q.C. Outstanding New Lawyer Award

The Martin Wunder, Q.C. Outstanding New Lawyer Award is awarded to an OTLA member in recognition of exceptional commitment to and promotion of the advancement of OTLA’s Mission: To fearlessly champion through the pursuit of the highest standards of advocacy the cause of those who have suffered injury or injustice. Candidates must have practiced law for less than 10 years and be nominated by an OTLA Member in good standing. The successful recipient will have demonstrated participation in activities and programs to improve our legal system and its responsiveness to those for whom we advocate. The individual will have displayed professional proficiency, undertaken trials, service to the profession and service to the community.

2018 recipient:

Nicole Corriero, Lofranco Corriero Personal Injury Lawyers, Toronto

Nicole Corriero - Martin Wunder, Q.C. Outstanding New Lawyer Award

Past recipients have included:

Alan Preyra (2006), Brian Cameron (2008), Catherine Wilde (2009), Elizabeth Quigley (2010), Maria Capulong (2011), Darcy Romaine (2012), Jason Singer (2013), Melissa Miller (2014), Peter Cho (2016), Michael Giordano (2017).


Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award shall be awarded for long standing dedicated service to furthering the goals and ideals of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.

2018 recipients:

Miles Obradovich, Obradovich Law, Toronto

Miles Obradovich - Distinguished Service Award

Michelle Jorge, Jewell Radimisis Jorge, LL.P., Toronto

Michelle Jorge - Distinguished Service Award

Tina Radimisis, Jewell Radimisis Jorge, LL.P., Toronto

Tina Radimisis - Distinguished Service Award

Jason Singer, Singer Kwinter, Toronto

Jason Singer - Distinguished Service Award

Past recipients have included:

Ted Bergeron, Diana Edmonds, Paul Jewell, Q.C., John Johnson, Ava Hillier, David Lackman, Shirley Linton, Joan MacDonald, Paul Mann, Michael Shannon, and Jay State (2004), Stephen Abraham and Moi Vienneau (2005), Selma Colvin and Andrew Spurgeon (2006), Jim Vigmond, Brian Cameron and Adam Little (2009), Peter Kennedy (2010) , Patrick Brown and Allan Rouben (2011), Simona Jellinek, Greg Monforton and Claire Wilkinson (2012), Duncan Embury and Ted Masters (2013), Peter Feifel (2014), Paul Harte (2015), Laurie Tucker (2016), Charles Gluckstein (2017).


Women's Caucus Award

The Women’s Caucus Award is awarded to a female lawyer in OTLA who has demonstrated leadership in OTLA, promoted the retention and advancement of women in law, mentored other women and supported other female lawyers in OTLA. 

Past recipients have included:

Pascale Daigneault (2010), Judith Hull (2011), Maia Bent (2012), Laurie Tucker (2013), Barbara MacFarlane (2015), Tina Radimisis (2016), Daniela Pacheco (2017).


Distinguished Law Clerk Award

The Distinguished Law Clerk Award shall be awarded to a senior law clerk, with at least 5 years membership in the OTLA Law Clerks Section, who has consistently exemplified the mission of the organization.

2018 recipient:

Stacy Bailey, Neinstein LLP, Toronto

Stacy Bailey - Distinguished Law Clerk Award

Past recipients have included:

Josie Skelly (2007), Tracy Romanowski (2008), Sharon Smiley (2009), Barbi Andrews (2015), Charlene Lewin (2016), Paula Dadd (2017).


Outstanding Law Clerk Award

The Outstanding Law Clerk Award will be awarded to the OTLA law clerk who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and proficiency to the OTLA Law Clerk Section, or contributed in a significant way to cases over the past year. The successful candidate will have displayed generosity with their time and contributions in their assistance to their fellow law clerks, and/or to their law offices, and has shown a dedication to those for whom we advocate.

2018 recipient:

Kevin Heffernan, Jellinek Law Office PC, Toronto

Kevin Heffernan - Outstanding Law Clerk

Past recipients have included:

Tracy Romanowski (2007), Jose Emiliani (2008), Fiona Korolenchuk (2009), Jennifer Baic (2010), Jessica MacInnes (2011), Misty Lucas (2012), Amy Hofstetter (2013), Wanda Huitema (2014), Laurie Taft (2014), Christopher Jackson (2015), Roger Shoreman (2015), Cesar Carranza (2017).


Celebration of the Personal Injury Bar

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association recognizes leaders of the plaintiff and defence personal injury bar at its Celebration of the Personal Injury Bar. Recipients have included:

Alan Rachlin, James Howie

Paul Harte, Jack F. Fitch

James Vigmond, Paul Tushinski

David Smye, Q.C., James Regan, Q.C.

Timothy P Boland, Sheldon A Gilbert, Q.C.

James Scarfone, Peter Boeckle

Kristopher Knutsen, Q.C., Barry Percival, Q.C.

Jack Fireman, Q.C., Brian Brock, Q.C.

Bruce Hillyer, Joseph Dillon, Q.C.

Barbara Legate, Cameron Godden

Alfred M. Kwinter, Philippa G. Samworth

Carl Fleck, Q.C. Jesse Glass, Q.C., Bernard Gluckstein, Q.C. and Michael Royce

Paul Mann, Tom McGrenere, Q.C. John McLeish and Alexander Szalkai, Q.C.

Geoff Adair, Q.C., Graham Dutton, Q.C., Lawrence Mandel, Q.C. and Roger Oatley

Earl Cherniak, Q.C., Kenneth E. Howie, Q.C. and Martin Wunder, Q.C.
The Honourable John D. Bowlby, Q.C. , Edson Haines, Q.C., The Honourable R.E. Holland, Q.C., The Honourable Frank J. Hughes, Q.C., Douglas Laidlaw, Q.C., The Honourable Mayer Lerner, Q.C., Isadore Levinter, Q.C.