2017 Fall Conference: Battle Tactics For Trial Lawyers

Conference Materials – Single PDF Document 

Conference Materials – Individual PDF Papers 

Additional Materials

  •   Duncan Macgillivray – Spreadsheet | LAT Decisions July 2016 (start) to September 2017 
  •   Dr. Tanny Raz | Motor Vehicle Brochure Sept 2017 LQ
  •   Dr. Tanny Raz | Medical Cannabis Guide Sept 2017 LQ 
  •   Dr. Tanny Raz | APOLLO MVA POINTS

Post Conference Materials

  •  Handouts
    • Modern OT - Time Management Handout  | CPD Topic & Discussion - Organizing Home Base: How to Make Your Office Environment Work for You
  • PowerPoint Presentations
    • ​Abradjian, Mark - Identifying the Enemy 
    • Bailey Stacy - CPD & Panel Discussion - Planning Your Attack: Leaving a Paper Trail 
    • Bailey-Stacy - Panel Discussion - Mental Health First Aid: Signs & Symptoms of a Mental Health Crisis
    • Bellehumeur, Karen - Protecting Vulnerable Clients
    • Cho, Peter - CPA and Waivers
    • Gow, Dr. Catherine - Neuropsychological Warfare
    • Grossman, Eric - Top 5 Accident Benefit Decisions
    • Harte, Paul- Panel Discussion - Ethical Warfare-The OTLA Code and LSUC Rule Changes 
    • Kern, Julie - Top 5 Tort Cases
    • Kofman, Jordan - Litigating Impairment Cases
    • Macgillivray, Duncan - Theatre of War: Where is the LAT Now?
    • MacKenzie, Brooke & Gavin - Appeals in Personal Injury Cases
    • Puddy, Paula - Business Development -  NLD Lunch
    • Radimisis, Tina - Creating an Ally: Building a Connection with the Jury
    • Rastin, Steve - Wars of Attrition: Jordan & Delay
    • Raz, Dr. Tanny - Dealing with Clients Using Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain
    • Ross, Stephen - Avoiding a Two Front War
    • Scarponcini-Farnaro- Jennifer - Adjuster Denials
    • Searles, Neil - Litigating Off the Beaten Path 
    • Sloan, Steve - Adverse Costs Insurance 
    • Smith Alexander - Top 10 Tips for Overcoming Fear
    • Vineberg, Flora - Under Examination – The Sexual Assault Survivor Lifetime at Discovery
    • Wollach, Ian - The Trouble With Cousins

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We strongly suggest downloading and extracting files prior to attending the conference as there will be limited bandwidth available at the event.