OTLA Cup participants

Congratulations to the Award Winners:

  • Will Davidson Award for Best Opening Address: Nusra Khan (Western)
  • Greg Monforton Award for Best Examination-in-Chief: Nicole Fielding (Windsor)
  • Bonn Law Award for Best Cross-Examination: Karolina Iron (Osgoode)
  • H. Bruce T. Hillyer Award for Best Closing: Alexander DeParde (Osgoode)
  • Tim Boland Award for Best Overall Advocate: Nusra Khan (Western)
  • Bergeron Clifford Award for Best Team: Osgoode (Alexander DeParde, Karolina Iron)


  • TEAM OTTAWA U Coaches: Mihiri Perera Team: Sasha Willms, Brenden Carruthers, Agatha Suszek
  • TEAM OSGOODE Coaches: Ryan Breedon, Ngai On Young Team: Karolina Iron, Alexander DeParde
  • TEAM QUEENS Coaches: Brian Kolenda, Julia Lefebvre Team: Andrea Coates, Spencer Putnam, Jing Bo Yu
  • TEAM WESTERN Coach: Andrew Camman Team: Kelsey Vicary, Alexander Slonim, Nusra Khan
  • TEAM WINDSOR Coaches: Francine Herlehy, Monica Pathak Team: Taraneh Etemadi, Nicole Fielding, Kyle Duncan
  • TEAM LAKEHEAD Coach: Jeff Moorley Team: Shakiba Azimi, Austin Nix, Ryan Langevin, Nathan Wainright


Thank you to our Team Sponsors:
Queen’s University - Heidi Brown, Bogoroch & Associates 
Western University - Maia Bent, Lerners LLP
Windsor University - James Scarfone, Scarfone Hawkins LLP 
Osgoode Hall - Charles Gluckstein, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
Lakehead University - Duncan Macgillivray, White Macgillivray Lester

Thank you to our Event Sponsors:
Dinner Sponsors - Frank McNally, McNally Gervan LLP & RSM Canada
Breakfast Sponsor - McKellar Structured Settlements 
Lunch Sponsor - Brian Cameron, Oatley Vigmond

Special thank you to:
Artery Studios 
Connolly Obagi LLP
Brenda Hollingsworth & Associates
David Hollingsworth & Associates
Beament Hebert Nicholson - Sujit Nirman & Luisa Testa
St. Peter’s Catholic High School - Kassidy Chase

Thank you to our Jurors:
Michelle Jorge, Jewell Radimisis Jorge LLP
Siona Sullivan, Sullivan Injury Law
Omar Ha-Redeye, Omar Ha-Redeye Professional Corporation
Ian Wollach, RSM Canada
J.C. Plante, RSM Canada
Lucas Pereira
Karin Williams
Thank you to our Registrar/Timekeeper: 
Najma Rashid, Howard Yegendorf & Associates LLP



More about the OTLA Cup:

Each year OTLA lawyers volunteer their time to support the development of trial skills, civility and professionalism amongst law school students by organizing the OTLA Cup. Law schools from across Ontario compete in a simulated trial which covers all aspects of a real court case. The OTLA Cup is held each year in a courthouse, rotating amongst various cities around the province, and is presided over by a local judge, with OTLA members making up the jury. Through the generous support of various law firms, OTLA members award prizes to the law students who exemplify the best in trial advocacy.

We would like to thank everyone involved and look forward to seeing many of you next year!

If you are interested in becoming involved in future OTLA Cup events, please email mjorge@jrjlaw.com


Past OTLA Cups:

For more information, please contact Linda Langston at LLangston@otla.com