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Are you looking for an expert witness, financial services firm, accident visualization company or other consultant to help you be successful in your practice? OTLA's Vendor Directory is a great place to start.

Note: The Vendor Directory is a paid listing of vendors who are interested in providing a variety of services to OTLA members. The information contained herein is made available for the sole purpose of providing OTLA members with contact information for potential vendors and should not be construed as an endorsement by OTLA with respect to a particular vendor’s qualifications or reputation in any way. OTLA disclaims any and all liability resulting from reliance upon the Vendor Directory and the information contained therein. Members utilizing the directory are cautioned to take all reasonable steps to investigate an expert’s qualifications and reputation prior to, and throughout, any professional expert retainer.

Client Services - RE/MAX Unique Inc.
Barrier Free Real Estate - Homes, Condos, Investment Properties. Jeffrey Kerr, Broker, RE/MAX, finds post accident, barrier free homes for your clients. He specializes in helping individuals with mobility, cognitive or physical challenges find a home that meets their specific needs. He also authors Real Estate based Housing Options reports.
Better Health Assessments and Rehabilitation
Better Health provides modern, thorough, and rapid assessments (all disciplines including Life Care Plans) and state of the art treatment and recommendations. With 20+ years experience in MVA rehabilitation, problem solving is our strength. We serve all of Ontario and are available 24/7 for discharge planning and consultations.
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Carol Bierbrier& Associates (CBA)
CBA is a leader in the preparation of Future Care Costing reports.   Our consultants are Certified Life Care Planners and possess specialized training and knowledge of the life care planning process, the ability to forecast economic damages, and have been accepted as expert witnesses by the judicial system.
FunctionAbility Rehabilitation Services
FunctionAbility is an accredited community based rehabilitation practice that provides qualified and experienced Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Case Managers to assess and treat clients across the province. We have an in-depth understanding of the auto insurance regulatory environment.  Overall, our team of professionals has treated thousands of individuals.
Our senior Certified Canadian Life Care Planners have 35+ years of clinical experience either as a Speech Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist. Expert Reports, Independent Assessments, and Expert Testimony for infants, children and adults with single or multiple injuries to the brain, spine or other organ. Competency in several languages.
Neuro-Rehab Services Inc.
Our senior Certified Canadian Life Care Planners have 35+ years of clinical experience either as a Speech Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist. Expert Reports, Independent Assessments, and Expert Testimony for infants, children and adults with single or multiple injuries to the brain, spine or other organ. Competency in several languages.
Premier Homecare Services Toronto Central
Trusted for 13 years, our professional home care services help maintain a client’s independence in the comfort of their home. Strategically matching our compassionate caregivers to clients’ needs, our services include personal care and companionship as well as recuperative and long term support. It's home care to feel good about.
Rehab First
Rehab First’s large complement of community-based health professionals explains its expansive assessment, treatment and specialty services reach. Services are tailored to the requirements of SABS, LTD and negligence cases, and are designed to cover the entire case life cycle, from point of referral to case closure.
Spire Health Group
We deliver results: OTs with expertise with brain injuries, spinal cord  and orthopaedic injuries, chronic pain, psycho-emotional disorders. Case managers that build specific teams for each injured person and ensure that resources are used effectively. Medical specialists and psychologists for highly defensible reports. RSWs and PSWs.
Financial Services
Baxter Structures
Baxter Structures was founded in 1978 and is Canada’s first family owned and operated structured settlement firm. With more than 35 years in the industry, Baxter Structures continues to be a leader through exemplary support and services which guarantees that every client is given the means to move on™.
BridgePoint Indemnity Company
BridgePoint Indemnity Company (BICO) is Canada’s leading provider of litigation risk management solutions. BICO Legal Cost Protection has facilitated access to justice for over 10,000 personal injury claimants, eliminating the unfair advantage of insurer defendants and ensuring a level playing field for personal injury litigation across the country.
Collins Barrow Toronto LLP
When it comes to establishing value or resolving disputes, having an experienced, credible expert in your corner can make a difference. As one of Ontario’s pre-eminent business valuation, economic loss calculation and litigation accounting practices, our track record, quality of service and responsiveness set us apart.
We are also very proud of the fact that Collins Barrow was recently voted a 2015 Canadian Lawyer Magazine Readers’ Choice Award winner for business valuation services, personal injury damages qualification and expert witness, and forensic accounting services
Davis Martindale
Founded in 1967, our independent, locally-based accounting firm is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary. At 80+ professionals, we are large enough to offer a broad range of services. We understand our clients needs, and offer them service and advice that they value, subsequently building long term relationships.
Henderson Structured Settlements LP
Consultancy and advisory services to insurance company and legal representatives on settling damage claims.
Krofchick Valuations
Krofchick Valuations is one of Canada’s pre-eminent business valuation firms, specializing in business valuations, investigative accounting, forensic economics, and actuarial services. We provide litigation support services, have appeared as expert witnesses numerous times in support of our opinions and are recognized for our expertise throughout the legal and insurance industry.
Lois Warren & Associates Inc.
Insurance and pension planning; trusted council for lawyers specializing in proper insurance coverage
McKellar Structured Settlements Inc.
The oldest and largest structured settlement firm in Canada. With credibility on both sides of the negotiating table, our size and geographic scope, we provide a true “value-added” service to our clients.  Our clients access expertise from the most qualified claims, legal and accident benefit professionals in the industry.
Seahold Investments Inc.
Seahold specializes in Plaintiff Financing and has dealt with hundreds of lawyers across Canada since 2000. Our system is designed for simplicity and speed with advances usually delivered within 24 hours. We complete the application forms, offer same day approvals, all at competitive interest rates with no other fees. We complete the application forms, offer same day approvals, all at competitive interest rates and with no other fees.
Arcon Forensic Engineers
We are a multi-disciplinary, forensic engineering firm providing expert quality investigations of personal injury and product liability claims for the plaintiff bar. Our work provides critical information that you will need to properly litigate your client's claim for personal injury or economic loss arising from MVAs and product failures.
MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists
MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists is a multi-disciplinary forensic investigations firm. We investigate transportation crashes, injuries, product failures and property losses for clients across North America. We help clients understand the scientific aspects of their case and provide technical opinions for use in resolving legal disputes.
Litigation Resources
ADS Forensics Inc.
Forensic accounting experts in damage quantification, including economic loss, IRBs, present value, and commercial litigation. Committed to providing exceptional and value-added services, quick turnaround, and local experts in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor. Hired for our expertise, recommended for our service. ADS is A Different Solution.
Fast Track MRI and Diagnostics
Fast Track MRI provides expedited service to 3rd Party MRI's and diagnostic tests, including sole access to many MRI scanners. Our service is second to none. We offer direct access to Radiologists for guidance and in house access to our Nurse Managers. Ask about our new Diagnostic Physician Assessment.
LexisNexis Canada Inc.
LexisNexis is a leading global provider of information and tools that enable professionals in legal, corporate, government, academic, and non-profit organizations to make informed decisions and achieve better business outcomes. At LexisNexis Canada, offerings include Lexis Advance® Quicklaw®, Butterworths® print and e-books titles, PCLaw®, Lexis Practice Advisor® Canada, and CaseMap®.
New Media Forensics
Over thirty-five years experience in photography, digital imaging and videography, services include video and image clarification, comparison analysis, verification of existing evidence analyses, and preparation of images and video for courtroom presentation. Qualified before Provincial and Superior Courts of Ontario and Alberta Queen's Bench
Principe Nafekh Ltd.
Principe Nafekh Ltd. is a litigation and valuation firm focussed on the quantification of economic damages in personal injury cases, including motor vehicle, medical malpractice, other injury and wrongful death. Both partners have been recognized as experts  and provided expert witness testimony in numerous cases.
TVA | The Legal Outsourcing Network
Taran Virtual Associates is The Legal Outsourcing Network®.  For 20 years our clients have outsourced their court appearances, discoveries, drafting, document review and research on demand to our network of over 90 contract lawyers throughout Canada.  Join the ranks of over 1,200 clients who profit from our experience and rates.
Medical Legal Experts
Connect Medical Legal Experts
Connect Experts is Canada's source for medical malpractice and personal injury experts. With hundreds of experts with all specialties across Canada, we have the healthcare experts you need. Our clients include the largest firms in Ontario, sole practitioners and everyone between. We support both you and the expert. Call us.
Technology’s Cloud Desktop™ is the ideal way to eliminate the hassles of managing on-site IT. Imagine: no more backups to manage, security updates to worry about or time wasted on server downtime. IT that just works – every time, anywhere, on any device. All for a simple monthly fee.
Outsource IT
Established in 2001, Outsource IT has been providing law firms both large and small with IT consulting, solutions, and services. Our clients receive the best in network reliability and quality service. We go the extra mile because at Outsource IT, being exceptional is the expectation.