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2017-18 Section Elections Results

Voting has concluded - we have new Section Leaders! Congratulations to all candidates and thank you to all who participated.

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MPP Advisor January 2017

Bill 103 Reality Check

MPP Mike Colle introduced Bill 103, Personal Injury and Accident Victims Protection Act, 2017 in early March. While we share many similar concerns surrounding lawyer marketing and advertising, we take serious issue with a 15 per cent cap on contingency fees. We will continue to work with MPP Colle and any other MPPs in helping to reshape our auto insurance system in a way that will benefit those victims in Ontario who really need help.

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January 2017 MPP Advisor The Case for LTD

Is There a Relationship Between Health Provider Benefits Knowledge and Case Outcomes?

Though their basic schedules are simple in concept and structure, at a contractual level, LTD benefits are complex and varied. Throw volatile insurer financial experience for different risk classes into the mix and it becomes clear that conduction at least rudimentary insurer due diligence is de rigueur for counsel taking on LTD cases. Rehab First shares its insights.

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