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HST Class Action

HST Class Action Grows! More than $1 billion in damages sought.

A Toronto Star report provides new details on a growing legal case against 11 auto insurers in Ontario. The suit alleges that insurers were improperly applying the HST and depriving injured claimants of more than a billion dollars in benefits. The news comes after reports earlier this year that insurers made $1.5 billion in profits in 2016 alone and that consumers have been overcharged as much as $5 billion in the last five years. OTLA raised the HST matter in letters to the regulator in 2016 and demanded immediate action which was promised but never acted upon.



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Lawyers Financial CBA on Life Care Plans

Life Care Planning: Giving Your Clients the Opportunity to Resume Their Lives

Working together collaboratively with the legal community for 20 years, CBA has been committed to helping clients achieve fair resolution to their injury claims. Our life care plans assure that the individual’s medical and lifestyle needs are clearly identified and fairly projected over the lifespan.  

Newfoundland ReportLatest OTLA Blog Post

The Cruelest Personal Injury Law

There are a lot of cruel personal injury laws: caps on pain and suffering, secret deductibles, biased doctors, the list goes on. But, there is one that is the worst of them all: The cap on damages for the loss of family members.