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car accident

Biased consultant interests

It's time Ontario stopped being captive to insurance industry demands and ignoring the plight of our injured and vulnerable. Our government relied heavily on industry consultants in setting policies for auto insurance rates and benefits, resulting in exorbitant premiums and inadequate coverage.

In a refreshing op-ed, researcher Ken Rubin exposes the lopsided consulting practices that have broken our car insurance system.

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McKellar spotlightCBA on Life Care Plans

Life Care Planning: Giving Your Clients the Opportunity to Resume Their Lives   

Working together collaboratively with the legal community for 20 years, CBA has been committed to helping clients achieve fair resolution to their injury claims. Our life care plans assure that the individual’s medical and lifestyle needs are clearly identified and fairly projected over the lifespan

2018 OTLA conference update 2018 Conference Announcement

We have an exciting update about our 2018 annual conferences

We made an announcement video to tell you all about it.