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Join your peers from both sides of the bar at the 2017 Celebration of the Personal Injury Bar. Celebrate the leadership of two outstanding lawyers in this black-tie event.


OTLA Submission on ABS


After successfully requesting additional time to ensure that the Law Society consulted with the profession in response to the Working Group's Interim Report, OTLA is pleased to provide our submission. It proposes the addition of a 4th principle to the criteria outlined in the Interim Report, which is necessary to ensure proper implementation and regulation of the civil society organizations structure in Ontario. We also reinforce our opposition of unrestricted non-lawyer ownership.


car accident

Biased consultant interests

It's time Ontario stopped being captive to insurance industry demands and ignoring the plight of our injured and vulnerable. Our government relied heavily on industry consultants in setting policies for auto insurance rates and benefits, resulting in exorbitant premiums and inadequate coverage.

In a refreshing op-ed, researcher Ken Rubin exposes the lopsided consulting practices that have broken our car insurance system.

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2017 Fall Conference - November 16-17 

Battle Tactics for Trial Lawyers

frustrated man throws LTD Coverage policy in the air Making sense of LTD Coverage

Author Lawson Hennick explores the terms of LTD coverage

In the event that you become disabled, the fine print of your LTD policy can mean absolutely everything to you and your family. It is important to understand your coverage before you need to worry about claiming benefits.

2018 OTLA conference update 2018 Conference Announcement

We have an exciting update about our 2018 annual conferences

We made an announcement video to tell you all about it.