Spring Conf - Greg

Greg Tucker is an Australian strategist from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, one of the largest personal injury and class action firms in Australia.

Greg will draw on his experience of class actions and personal injury work in countries like Singapore, England, Canada and Australia to guide you in preparing for the future trends in our industry and thinking about the expected shape of the sector over the next few years.


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Accident Benefits blog post

What If My Insurance Broker Doesn’t Tell Me About Optional Benefits?

If you are in a car accident and your broker did not properly explain optional benefits to you at the time that you bought your insurance, then you can sue your broker for the difference between the standard benefits and optional benefits.

Check out the OTLA Blog for more #TruthAboutInsurance.

Jeff-SpringConfPromo 2018 Spring Conference

Our upcoming conference offers several unique networking opportunities!

McKellar spotlight LTD Claims Increase Expected in 2018

Employment levels likely to drive significant increase.

To borrow a well-known public figure’s turn of phrase, understanding the correlation between LTD claims numbers and employment levels isn’t rocket surgery. One group insurer predicts that the number of claims industry-wide will increase almost 5% this year. Will the increase challenge their claims adjudication capabilities? 

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