Bencher Elections


Bencher Survey Results 

OTLA surveyed LSO lawyer bencher candidates for their opinions and policy positions on leading issues impacting the regulation of the profession as a whole in the public interest.

Over 60 candidates responded to the survey. Be sure to open each tab at the bottom of the document to see the results for each court region.

Download and read what the candidates had to say here.

Be sure to open each tab at the bottom of the document to see the results for each court region.


Voting ends:  April 30, 2019

The Board of Directors has endorsed the following OTLA members in the 2019 Bencher Election:

  Steve RastinPast President


  Andrew SpurgeonLSO Bencher, South Central   


Claire WilkinsonImmediate Past President

We encourage OTLA members to vote for all endorsed candidates so our voice is heard at LSO. 




OTLA Code | The Core Principles

The OTLA Code constitutes a voluntary code of conduct.  It is a framework within which members must determine how best to serve their clients within the law.  Members are individually responsible for their own decisions guided by the OTLA Code and the regulatory framework of the Law Society of Ontario as well as the Solicitors Act.

The Core Principles reflect the core values of OTLA and its members.  They are ranked in priority to provide guidance to members in circumstances where principles conflict.

This week we highlight Core Principle #5

ACCESS TO JUSTICE | Members promote and facilitate access to justice, including access to the court system, for those who have suffered injury or loss as a result of wrongdoing by others.

 Click here for the full OTLA Code.

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Michelle Jorge talks about our exciting Keynote Speaker, ROBYN WISHART, Wishart Brain and Spine Law 


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Fyre Festival:  The Legal Fallout

In recent months, the infamous Fyre Festival has been under renewed scrutiny due to the release of two documentaries investigating the collapse of the luxury music festival. 


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