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The OTLA Code: Standards of Conduct for Excellence

Enhancing the practice of personal injury litigation - together.

The OTLA Code represents a new and valuable tool for OTLA members as we strive to uphold important professional and ethical values.

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rally for accident benefits

On June 1, 2016, in an effort to reduce insurance premiums in Ontario, the Provincial government has mandated changes to accident benefits. These changes include a $1 million dollar reduction to coverage for the catastrophically injured.

This million-dollar reduction could be the deciding factor in whether you can afford adequate treatment for recovery. All Ontario drivers need to be aware of the recent changes.

LAT Ahead on roadway 2016 Member Awards

OTLA Recognizes Outstanding, Distinguished Members for Contributions

Each year, we recognize the work of OTLA members with awards for their outstanding contributions to this association.

The 2016 Member Awards were presented to their deserving recipients at our annual luncheon in downtown Toronto.

couple argues in kitchen Personal Injury Loans, Fast and Easy

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Constable Peter De Quintal accepts Safety Leadership award from Maia Bent 2016 Safety Leadership Awards

OTLA Presents Awards to Ontario Safety Advocates and Educators

Established in 2011, the OTLA Safety Leadership Awards honour individuals and organizations that have made remarkable contributions to enhancing safety awareness in their Ontario communities.

These recipients are tireless advocates for safety and deserve the praise of all Ontarians.


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