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2017-18 Section Elections

The voting period for section leadership has ended.

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MPP Advisor January 2017

The Big Lie

Insurance companies cannot openly target injured victims, so they attack the victims' advocates. But make no mistake: their goal is to limit insurance coverage and make it harder for victims. If insurance companies really want to help victims as they imply, all they have to do is agree to pay reasonable claims.

The Ontario government and all stakeholders in the sector need to find real solutions to the real problems, not the issues that serve for-profit insurance company interests.

Insurers deduct thousands from man's compensation New on the OTLA Blog:

How Insurers Deduct Thousands from Accident Victims' Compensation

The insurance industry is saving a significant amount of money on the vast majority of car accident cases that occur throughout the province, all at the expense of injured victims. How? Read on.

January 2017 MPP Advisor January 2017 MPP Advisor

Shining a Light on the insurance medical examination business

Distributed to MPPs on January 26th, the first MPP Advisor of 2017 explores efforts in bringing questionable insurance medical examination practices to light.

The Advisor also includes details of the libel case against Immediate Past President Maia Bent for notifying members of a Toronto physician’s inappropriate actions.

Spring Conference Inside Look Video: 2017 Spring Conference

Winning Your Case: What Works and What Doesn't

Our annual Spring Conference is coming up quickly! Watch this video from Conference Chair Andrew Murray for an inside look at the program this April.