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You Need an OTLA Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer who is a member of OTLA means your lawyer advocates for Plaintiffs, not insurance companies or institutional defendants.  Your lawyer is part of an organization that believes strongly in the rights of accident victims and those who have suffered a wrong. 



When it Comes to Future Care Costing, Experience Matters

For over 20 years, CBA has been serving the Canadian legal community in the area of future care costing. Our approach is fair, balanced, and practical. Our expertise and Tables of Costs have been accepted in many significant cases. Our team is committed to supporting lawyers in their mission to improve their clients’ lives and reach fair legal settlements.  





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Recreational Trails and Non-Urban Property Use:  "Risks Willingly Assumed"

Imagine that it is a beautiful fall day, and you decide to go for a bike ride before the weather cools down.  Cycling in a nearby wooded area, commonly used by your neighbourhood for outdoor activities, imagine your horror when your bike tumbles into a ditch.  In addition to sustaining many scrapes and bruises, you have a broken leg! 

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