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Deductible Amounts in the case of damages from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020


Happy New Year!

Insurance companies to take even more in 2020 if you’re injured in a crash!


But, shhhh! It’s a Secret!


They Don’t want you to know that it’s almost $40,000!


Every year, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario increases the auto insurance Secret Deductible on your pain and suffering damages if you’re injured in a car crash. 


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Four years ago, the Liberal government made changes to insurance that allow insurance companies to index the Secret Deductible on these claims. Those increases are locked in and will happen every year just as we have seen steep increases in insurance premiums in the last few years. Profits for insurance companies are up, too! The only part of your insurance policy that does not increase is your coverage. You are literally paying more and more and are getting less and less.


Ontario’s auto insurance is seriously broken and the secret deductible is one of the main reasons why!


2020 OTLA Member & Safety Leadership Awards

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February 10, 2020





OTLA Search for next CEO

Due to the spring retirement of our current CEO, Linda Langston, we are hiring a new CEO, expected to be in place by early May.  The deadline for applications is February 7, 2020 at noon


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What happens if you're in a snowmobile accident? 

When the winter season commences, so do the snow sports.  For some, this means pulling out their snowmobile and enjoying rides around their property or through the trails.  What most people don't consider, however, is what would happen in the event of a snowmobile accident.  The answer depends, largely, on what type of insurance has been purchased. 


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