2020 Fall LIVE Virtual Conference

The Case Goes On

October 23 


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Click below to hear Duncan Macgillivray, OTLA Treasurer, give some tips on getting ready for the Virtual Fall Conference on October 23. 




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Best Practices for Remote Mediations and Examinations for Discovery


OTLA has developed Best Practices for Remote Mediations and Examination for Discovery. These documents provide guidance to lawyers while conducting remote hearings when an in-person hearing is not feasible. We have also created a ‘Checklist for Client Preparation for Remote Examinations for Discovery’. These documents are available here.


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Increase of Highway Speed Limits to 110 km/hour: Important Facts to Know 

As part of a recent pilot project, the spped limit on certain Ontario highways, namely portions of the 402, the QEW, and the 417 have been increased to 110 km/hour in an attempt to improve traffic flow. 

As novel as many commuters will find this, there are several things people must keep in mind: 

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