Each year OTLA lawyers volunteer their time to support the development of trial skills, civility and professionalism amongst law school students by organizing the OTLA Cup. Law schools from across Ontario compete in a simulated trial which covers all aspects of a real court case. The OTLA Cup is held each year in a courthouse, rotating amongst various cities around the province, and is presided over by a local judge, with OTLA members making up the jury. Through the generous support of various law firms, OTLA members award prizes to the law students who exemplify the best in trial advocacy.




The OTLA Cup took place March 7, 2020 in Hamilton in the beautiful John Sopinka Courthouse. Those of us able to attend were impressed by the advocacy demonstrated. The students and coaches work very hard preparing for it and it shows. A big thank you is owed to them for all the hard work. 

We had about 50 people in attendance including the students, coaches, OTLA Jurors and friends and family that came to watch. There were some very proud parents there. Deservedly so.

We had a short cocktail reception for the students Friday night at the Hamilton Club and Allen Wynperle, OTLA’s President, very kindly dropped by to welcome the students and coaches and promote OTLA. That built my credibility quickly amongst the students! I produced the President!  He told them all who the sponsors were and gave them the chance to thank those of us who could attend. The OTLA Cup is fully funded by private donations from OTLA Lawyers and Law Firms, myself included.  The students hurried back to their hotel after to do one last practice run.

Madam Justice Kim Carpenter-Gunn gave up her Saturday to help us. She gave the students a very real experience and some wonderful praise and constructive advice after. She was an original member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the first female member.  What an inspiration to the students! 

The OTLA Cup has become part of the Law Schools’ curriculum for their Advocacy courses and is the only Trial level Moot conducted. We have the unique ability to produce a real life experience with a Superior Court Justice, a Courtroom and a Jury made up of OTLA lawyers. ( A Jury of lawyers may not be real life exactly but I’ve noticed it helps the Plaintiffs’ win multimillion dollar verdicts.)

You can see how much fun the students had celebrating once it was over. They were very focused during the trial. 


-SIONA SULLIVAN, Sullivan Injury Law Professional Corporation




Congratulations To The Winners:


  • Will Davidson Award for Best Opening Address: Parmis Goudarzimalayeri  (Windsor)
  • Greg Monforton Award for Best Examination-in-Chief: Danielle Sandhu (Osgoode)
  • Bonn Law Award for Best Cross-Examination: Brooklynne Eeuwes (Bora Laskin)
  • H. Bruce T. Hillyer Award for Best Closing: Heather Lamourie (Osgoode)
  • Tim Boland Award for Best Overall Advocate: Brooklynne Eeuwes (Bora Laskin)
  • Bergeron Clifford Award for Best Team: Windsor (Parmis Goudarzimalayeri and Adrianna Klukowska)
  • Joyce Thomas Memorial Award for Best Witness: The Plaintiff Marsha Bradbury played by Cameron MacKenzie (Osgoode)


Thank You To Our Event Sponsors:


  • Avanessy Giordano LLP - Michael Giordano
  • Beaument Hebert Nicholson LLP - Derek Nicholson
  • Heidi Brown 
  • Findlay Law 
  • Grosso Hooper Law – Mary Grosso
  • Kotak Personal Injury Law - Nainesh Kotak
  • Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers- Matt Lalande
  • Lerners LLP– Maia Bent
  • Mackesy Smye Lawyers - David Smye
  • Patricia Santucci Law  
  • RSM - Ian Wollach, Ellen Drevnig
  • Ross & McBride - Anandi Naipaul
  • Sullivan Injury Law - Siona Sullivan
  • Wissenz Law - Rebecca Wissenz
  • Wynperle Law - Allen Wynperle
  • Yegendorf and Associates – Najma Rashid





Past OTLA Cups:


For more information please contact John Karapita.